Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alta Niña Beach Resort: Your Awesome Gateway to Potipot Island

If you're looking for a place to stay for a visit to Potipot Island (may it be during the Holy Week or any time of the year), there are several beach resorts to choose from in Candelaria, Zambales. But one of them stands out from the rest due to its good accommodations and even better service: Alta Niña Beach Resort.

Owned by Edgar and Niña Mabalay, this beach resort is relatively new but has been getting good reviews from travelers since the day it opened two years ago. Mang Noel, the famous caretaker of Alta Niña, can make anyone's stay in the resort comfortable and fun with his unmatched warmth and hospitality.

Candelaria Zambales Beaches, Alta Niña Resort


At Alta Niña, rooms go as low as P1,500 (low season) to P2,500 (peak season) per night. A standard room is good for six people or more, with decent air-con and clean rest room. You can opt not to bring food and just ask the caretaker to go to the market and buy the freshest catch from the sea for your lunch or dinner with family and friends.

room rates, beach front

Nina Mabalay, Nina Malabay, Alta Nina Resort Zambales

The cottages are nice and there are videoke machines for people to bond and sing the night away. Pine trees abound in the place which add coolness to the atmosphere. You can get more photos of Alta Niña Beach Resort, the awesome gateway to Potipot Island, on the net. Spending summer in Zambales has never been this cool and awesome.

Alta Niña Beach Resort
Candelaria, Zambales

0918-9265373 (look for Edgar or Niña)

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

May 1 is Labor Day | 80T Jobs for Pinoys from DOLE

The world celebrates Labor Day every first day of May. In the Philippines, this date is synonymous to protests and mobilizations where labor groups brave the streets to condemn the reported injustice of the national government against workers and at the same time, fight for a nationwide across the board wage hike.This time around, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) will be giving away a total of 80,000 jobs to Pinoys through the traditional Labor Day job fair to be held at SMX Convention Hall, Pasay City.

If you're a fresh graduate (like my brother) or want to switch jobs, this is your chance to land your ideal job and eventually start a career. I just hope this is for real and that many people would benefit from this project.

Good luck to all job hunters!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Airsoft in the Philippines

Airsoft is a game played using airsoft guns with round, non-metallic pellets as bullets. Participants are grouped together based on the type of game being played which range from short-term skirmishes, organized scenarios, military simulations or even historical reenactments. It was said that the game originated in Japan in the 1970s. It was later became a hobby in North America and now, in many countries including the Philippines.


One of the popular airsoft gamesites is Airsoft ONE Marikorea. It is located beside the banks of Marikina River, just at the back of SM City Marikina in Marikina City. Read about my first airsoft experience at Airsoft ONE Marikorea HERE.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Blue Water Day Spa Endorser: Is it Marian Rivera or Karylle?

People keep asking on the real deal. Who is the newest Blue Water Day Spa endorser, is it Marian Rivera or Karylle? The same issue is even a hot topic on some Marian Rivera fan sites.The management of Blue Water Day Spa has recently published a press release to clarify the matter and in response to statements made by Popoy Caritativo (Marian Rivera's manager) to the press in the past few weeks:

"Every year, we change our endorsers for BlueWater Day Spa and it remains the company's perogative who we choose to represent as our endorser. As of the issue of who dropped whom, there were NO negotiations for renewal with Ms. Rivera or her representatives that ever took place."

Let us hope the above statement set things straight.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Sexy Name Decoder | What's in a Name?

Wanna know the meaning of your name in a sexy way? I recently found one site that does. It's fun. I enjoyed coming up with the names of my friends and reading their decoded, sexy meanings. Cool stuff.

Exciting Dreamy Expert Luxuriating in Warm Embraces and Intense, Zones of Affection

Get Your Sexy Name

Happy sexy name decoding! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7 is World Health Day

The seventh day of April is World Health Day.I started the day reading about the negative benefits of red meats. Which made me swear to start eating less red meats in this lifetime.

Actually, I am trying my best to be a pesco-vegetarian. For the uninitiated, it simply means that aside from vegetables which are the basic staples of vegetarians, you eat white meats. I find the practice hard to follow but I'm sure I'll make it. Eating in moderation is really a must if you want to live a long and healthy life.

Be healthy! Stay healthy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

D-Cinema: The First and Only Digital Cinema in the Philippines

Located at The Block, SM North EDSA, D-Cinema offers a whole new cinematic experience with its awesome digital features. SM Cinemas has this to say about D-Cinema:

Moviegoers can truly enjoy a whole new movie experience at D-Cinema. Aside from having the screen and speaker strategically designed to make every seat “the best seat in the house”, movies will be seen in ultimate perfection in projection and unparalleled quality in vision & sound --- no weaves, pops, scratches and ghosting.

D-CINEMA shows high-quality 3D or 2D films in a regular cinema and because it is a digital system, every film is guaranteed to look amazing. It introduced blockbuster movies like “Beowulf”, “I Am Legend”, “The Spiderwick Chronicles” ,“The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” and "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" in digital format. Educational movies were also shown like “Wild Safari”, “African Adventure” and “SOS Planet”.

D-CINEMA also opened opportunities for 3D formats, giving moviegoers an unforgettable movie experience. Successful 3D screenings include smashing hit concerts like the “U2 3D” concert and ”Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds” 3D concert , plus "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D", which were featured EXCLUSIVELY at D-Cinema.

This technical set-up was made by the joint efforts of Arrays and Christie Digital Systems USA. The Christie Digital Systems USA is the most competitive manufacturer for Digital Cinema Systems in the world right now and it was the first licensee of DLP Cinema™ technology, the first Digital Cinema technology to be adapted by the Hollywood community. Its broad range of technologies include DLP Cinema™ projectors, LCD and DLP™ projectors, , 35mm film projectors, and cutting edge projection technologies for 3D, virtual reality and simulation. Whatever the application, Christie’s visual solutions are purpose-built to meet unique projection requirements, and are backed by industry-leading service and support ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Currently, D-Cinema at The Block, SM North EDSA features the movie Monsters vs. Alien. Dragonball Evolution and Wolverine follow soon. Watch out for that! :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dragonball Evolution, Anime-Inspired Action-Thriller Film by James Wong | Movie Reviews, Posters, Photos and Trailers Online

The movie Dragonball Evolution was inspired from the well-loved Japanese manga Dragonball. It is directed by James Wong,the man behind the Final Destination movies. If you haven't watched it yet, you can find my review of the Dragonball Evolution HERE.


Dragonball Evolution poster

Basically, the story revolves around Goku who seeks out to find the great Master Roshi and gather the seven dragonballs, of which he has one. This was after the death of his grandfather Gohan in the hands of the evil Lord Piccolo who has returned to the earth to get all the seven dragon balls and use it to take over the world. Goku's quest is to secure the mystical orbs before Piccolo does.


Lord Piccolo with sidekick Mai


Chi-chi in action


Bulma and Goku

In the Philippines, Dragonball Evolution is opening in Metro Manila cinemas on April 11. If you're a Dragonball fan, watch out for that! :)

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2008 Philippine Bar Exam Results | Complete List of September 2008 Bar Exam Passers

Finally, the Supreme Court of the Philippines has released the results of the September 2008 Philippine Bar Exams. Out of the 6,364 who took and finished the four-Sunday examinations held at the De La Salle University in Manila in September last year, only 1,300 passed which corresponds to 20 percent of the total number of examinees. Get the complete list of the 2008 Philippine Bar Exam Results after the jump...

TIP: To ease up your search, press Ctrl + F on your keyboard and type the complete surname or first name of the examinee you are looking for and the browser will automatically find it for you.


1st Place Lardizabal, Judy A. (San Sebastian College 85.70%)
2nd Place Amerol-Macumbal, Mylene I. (Mindanao State University 85.65%)
3rd Place Baclay, Jr., Oliver P. (Ateneo de Manila University 85.60%)
4th Place Jala, Majesty Eve L. (Ateneo de Manila University 85.55%)
5th Place Liceralde, Ma. Elizabeth L. (University of the Philippines 85.40%)
6th Place Macapagal, Micael T. (University of the Philippines 84.15%)
7th Place Dy, Denise S. Regis, April Love C. (Ateneo de Manila University 84.00%)
8th Place Tan, Christine Joy K. (Ateneo de Manila University 83.80%)
9th Place Jacob, Jihan A. Velasquez, Shirley G. (San Beda College University of the Philippines 83.75%)
10th Place Raymundo, Vanessa C. (San Beda College 83.70%)


1 ABABA, Victoria D
2 ABAD, Bernard O
3 ABAD, Francis Michael C
4 ABADEZA, Melissa A
5 ABALOS, Christian Noel C
6 ABALOS, Joseph Ryan C
7 ABALOS, Mcdonald G
8 ABANTE, Priscilla Marie T
9 ABARCA, Jerome G
10 ABAYA, Mark Francis P
11 ABAYON, Jerome B
12 ABDULLAH, Noor Hafizullah M
13 ABEJARON, Arnold C
14 ABELITA, Peter Filip S
15 ABELLA, Marie Velle P
16 ABENOJAR, Lilian C
17 ABESAMIS, Ellen V
18 ABO, Rolando T
19 ABREA, Elton Dick J
20 ABRENICA, Angelee Marree A
21 ABUCEJO, Joan D
22 ABYADANG, Harriet N
23 ACHAS, John Albino C
24 ACOSTA, Carl De Liz L
25 ADJU, Annally T
26 ADMANA, Gerlie A
27 ADRIANO, Alexander DG
28 ADRIANO, Karen J
29 ADVINCULA, Ma. Carolina T
30 AFRICA, Voltaire B
31 AGAAB, Jose Raphael E
32 AGATEP, JR. Orlino &nb sp; D
33 AGGALAO, Arnold O
34 AGRAVANTE, Evelyn T
35 AGTARAP, Florina C
36 AGTARAP &nb sp; Richard M
37 AGUAS ; Princess Luren D
38 AGUDO ; Elma Jewelle A
39 AGUILAR &nb sp; Aileen R
40 ALANO ; Joseph Rod Allan C
41 ALBO Aubrey F
42 ALCANTARA & nbsp; Abraham Joseph B
43 ALCARDE &nb sp; Princess May C
44 ALCOREZA &n bsp; Joden B
45 ALCUAZ &nbs p; Alfonso Ismael A
46 ALEGRE &nbs p; Jacqueline Ann C
47 ALEGRE &nbs p; Marife M
48 ALEJANDRO & nbsp; Henry D
49 ALEJANDRO & nbsp; Johnsen H
50 ALIBANIA, JR. Eliseo &nb sp; C
51 ALICER &nbs p; Arthur Anthony S
52 ALILAM &nbs p; James G
53 ALIPIO, II Abraham &nb sp; C
54 ALISUAG &nb sp; Ma. Lenina C
55 ALLAM ; Marion P
56 ALMA JOSE Sylvia &n bsp; R
57 ALMALBIS &n bsp; Jelou F
58 ALMARIO &nb sp; Gilbert S
59 ALMARIO &nb sp; Shari-christine S
60 ALMAZAR &nb sp; Michael Barney R
61 ALMERO &nbs p; Rowena Joyce R
62 ALMOETE &nb sp; Martee L
63 ALMOGUERA & nbsp; Hanil B
64 ALMONTE, JR. Bienvenido ; B
65 ALONZO &nbs p; Timmy Joy S
66 ALPAY ; Zinia P
67 ALUNDAY &nb sp; Reynold B
68 ALVINA &nbs p; Cynthia L
69 AMBOANG &nb sp; Louilyn N
70 AMEROL-MACUMBAL & nbsp; Mylene I
71 AMIGABLE, JR. Felizardo D
72 AMIS Kathryn D
73 AMISTAD &nb sp; Christian B
74 AMOD Merxel Mae O
75 AMOR Aileen L
76 AMOR Fernando R
77 AMORA, JR. Lilio &nbs p; J
78 AMPIG ; Francis Athanasius D
79 AMPONG, III Teodulfo & nbsp; S
80 ANDRES &nbs p; Gilbert T
81 ANDUMANG &n bsp; Archie R
82 ANG & nbsp;Arlon U
83 ANG & nbsp;Juvielet Jeanne A
84 ANGELES &nb sp; Albert Lee G
85 ANGELES &nb sp; Erwin C
86 ANGELES &nb sp; Erwin Rommel S
87 ANIAG ; Mark Anthony V
88 ANITO ; Mylene A
89 ANONAT &nbs p; Jerry C
90 ANTERO &nbs p; Richard S
91 ANTIG ; Pamela Angela U
92 ANTONIO &nb sp; Elizabeth B
93 ANTONIO &nb sp; Hannah Lorraine Y
94 ANTONIO &nb sp; Harold M
95 AOANAN &nbs p; Kleider Rex C
96 APAO, JR. Mariano &n bsp; L
97 APASAN &nbs p; Joseph Ryan C
98 APILADO &nb sp; Louella Xylee T
99 APOLINARIO Charmaine C
100 APUYOD &nb sp; Jesus F
101 AQUENDE &n bsp; Hardy B
102 AQUINO &nb sp; Magnolia P
103 AQUINO &nb sp; Mark M
104 AQUINO &nb sp; Paolo R
105 AQUINO &nb sp; Patrick T
106 ARANAS &nb sp; Melchor Jaemond A
107 ARAULA, II Felix ; B
109 ARBOLEDA & nbsp; Lisette M
110 ARCE ; Cecilia Maria Rosario M
111 ARCE ; Liwayway D
112 ARCENAL-NOGRA &n bsp; Aiiza Fiel A
113 ARELLANO-AGUDA & nbsp; Jesusa Loreto A
114 ARGABIOSO Antonio S
115 ARGENIO &n bsp; Kareen May E
116 ARIAS &nbs p; Jolienne Lee D
117 ARIOLA &nb sp; Aimee Riza S
118 ARIOSA &nb sp; Gia L
119 ARITAO, JR. Benjamin & nbsp; E
120 ARNADO &nb sp; Richard M
121 ARQUILLO & nbsp; Ruby B
122 ARTUZ &nbs p; Pearly Sheila F
123 ARZADON &n bsp; Romino G
124 ASENCION & nbsp; Marissa R
125 ASUNCION, III Isaiah &nb sp; O
126 ATAS ; Richelle L
127 ATENSOR &n bsp; Joseph Brian A
128 ATIENZA &n bsp; Catalino C
129 ATIENZA &n bsp; Katrina Catherine P
130 ATIENZA &n bsp; Leynard B
131 ATIENZA &n bsp; Verdie J
132 ATOS ; Richelle Mae G
133 AURO ; Christian V
134 AUTENTICO Ana Michaela N
135 AVELLANO & nbsp; Christine F
136 AVISADO &n bsp; Ethel C
137 AYENG &nbs p; Adelaide Nancy Sybil G
138 AYO Danilo M
139 AYUNGO &nb sp; Theodorick K
140 AZARRAGA & nbsp; Juliet C
141 AÑOVER &nb sp; Paul Vincent W
142 BA-ALAN &n bsp; Orlando A
143 BACARAMAN Nur Jaypha R
144 BACLAY, JR. Oliver &nb sp; P
145 BACLAYO &n bsp; Ruby T
146 BACOLOR &n bsp; Heidi F
147 BACON &nbs p; Edwin M
148 BACONG &nb sp; Jeanie Rose A
149 BAETIONG & nbsp; Joselito M
150 BAGGAYAN & nbsp; Ma. Jonalyn F
151 BAGSIT &nb sp; Liza Flor T
152 BAGUIO &nb sp; Fritz B
153 BAHIAN &nb sp; Rachelle I
154 BAHJIN, II Jainal Abidin Y
155 BAI Muhlis S
156 BAJENIO &n bsp; Webb I
157 BALANGCOD Christobal J
158 BALANGITAN ; Mark Jeff W
159 BALANON &n bsp; Maxlen C
160 BALBOA &nb sp; Conrada A
161 BALDOVINO Renoir O
162 BALLARAN & nbsp; Armi L
163 BALLINAN & nbsp; John Dale A
164 BALMEO &nb sp; Trinidad V
165 BALTAR &nb sp; Jonathan Z
166 BALTAZAR & nbsp; Jay Francis P
167 BALTAZAR & nbsp; Ma. Francesca Q
168 BANAGUI &n bsp; Leah B
169 BANALAGAY Harold Howell D
170 BANDONELL Marinel F
171 BANIQUED & nbsp; Marigel M
172 BANSON, JR. Ceferino & nbsp; W
173 BANTASAN & nbsp; Joel C
174 BANZON &nb sp; Melissa Suzette L
175 BAQUIRAN & nbsp; Monalyn Ann L
176 BARATA &nb sp; Erwin N
177 BARCENAS & nbsp; Ligaya Victoria U
178 BARIL-LLEGUE &nb sp; Josefina M
179 BARIN &nbs p; Anna Gayle T
180 BARING-PRIETO &n bsp; Aiza Marie M
181 BARRIOS, III Isidro &nb sp; B
182 BARTOLOME Harold Ian V
183 BARTOLOME Prescila D
184 BARTOLOME Vincent Vos R
185 BARTOLOME, JR. David &nbs p; S
186 BARTOLOME, JR. Gaudencio P
187 BASA ; Fernando C
188 BASANES &n bsp; Karla Kristine L
189 BASCO &nbs p; Diana Joyce N
190 BASILGO &n bsp; Gembeth G
191 BATAC &nbs p; Regina C
192 BATALLA &n bsp; Maria Phenny Joan G
193 BATE ; Nover M
194 BATHAN &nb sp; Maricris E
195 BATU ; Kasarinlan S
196 BAUTISTA & nbsp; Cliff John C
197 BAYOTAS &n bsp; Michael Darwin M
198 BAYSAC &nb sp; Dianna Lynne S
199 BAÑAGA &nb sp; Myra Janina P
200 BAÑEZ &nbs p; Emerson S
201 BEJA ; Ma. Jela Teresa S
202 BELARMINO-RUMA & nbsp; Brenda R
203 BELEN &nbs p; Vernon A
204 BELENA &nb sp; Persephone Meir B
205 BELLEZA &n bsp; John M
206 BELMES &nb sp; Mae Richelle B
207 BELMONTE & nbsp; Mary Elizabeth (marybee) M
209 BERIANA &n bsp; Charlene A
210 BERMEJO &n bsp; Ma. Teresa Ana V
211 BERMEJO &n bsp; Maricel F
212 BERNABE, II Regina &nbs p; V
213 BERNALES, JR. Marcial &n bsp; P
216 BERON &nbs p; Jay Cesar I
217 BESSAT &nb sp; Madeleine A
218 BIBAL &nbs p; Joanne Mae A
219 BIGOL &nbs p; Maria Victoria B
220 BILONGILOT ; Joana Q
221 BIRON &nbs p; Jose Noe James S
222 BONDAD, JR. Rodolfo &n bsp; A
223 BONGAR &nb sp; Kharen Lee P
224 BONGHANOY Liewellyn F
225 BORJA &nbs p; Haidee O
226 BORJA &nbs p; Jacqueline Q
227 BORRA &nbs p; Katrina P
228 BRACIA &nb sp; M. Melvin B
229 BRAGADO &n bsp; Joel Emilio F
230 BRAGAT &nb sp; Maria Lourdes C
231 BREGALA &n bsp; Dennis B
232 BRILLANTES ; Fel Lester G
233 BRINGAS &n bsp; Catherine S
234 BRION &nbs p; Francis C
235 BRIONES &n bsp; Estrellita B
236 BROCALES & nbsp; Christopher Redeemson R
237 BROTONEL & nbsp; Jo Katrina V
238 BRUAN, JR. Cesario &n bsp; B
239 BUBAN &nbs p; Josephine M
240 BUENA &nbs p; Delbert Clifford V
241 BUENDIA &n bsp; Cristina B
242 BUENO &nbs p; Cheryl F
243 BUGA-AY &n bsp; Vicente Fidel C
244 BUGAOAN &n bsp; Eric Vincent H
245 BUGHAO &nb sp; Melvin Cydrick M
246 BUHAIN &nb sp; Camille R
247 BUNDOC &nb sp; Jacqueline C
248 BUNGABONG Kurt Adolph C
249 BURDAS-CASTRO &n bsp; Arlie R
250 BURDEOS &n bsp; Sherry Joy O
251 BURGOS &nb sp; Ma. Lourdes S
252 BUSI ; Barrytone A
253 CABADING & nbsp; Marilex L
254 CABALI &nb sp; Pearl Grace G
255 CABALLERO Maynard G
256 CABANGON & nbsp; Ley A
257 CABANILLA Cris Francis O
258 CABANSAG & nbsp; Glynis Lyn R
259 CABIC &nbs p; Ellen Aster B
260 CABOTEJA, JR. Romeo &nbs p; O
261 CABRERA &n bsp; Cherrie Mae S
262 CABRERA &n bsp; Maria Christine C
263 CABRIDO &n bsp; Candice Elizabeth A
264 CACATIAN-BARANGAN &nbs p; Freniza Joy D
265 CACAYURAN Sheryll P
268 CACHO &nbs p; Arlene Valerie G
269 CADIOGAN, JR. Randolph & nbsp; C
270 CAINTO &nb sp; Angela Faith L
271 CAINTO &nb sp; Leo V
272 CAJIGAL &n bsp; Wilbur R
273 CAJILIG &n bsp; Geraldine A
274 CALAGUI &n bsp; Eric-john S
276 CALAMBA &n bsp; Winsor B
278 CALDE &nbs p; Nimreh L
279 CALDE &nbs p; Roland P
280 CALINISAN Rafael Vicente R
281 CALPO &nbs p; Ma. Lourdes Gaye T
282 CAMACHO &n bsp; Alva C
283 CAMANDERO-GURO & nbsp; Kristine M
284 CAMARA &nb sp; Mark Darwin A
285 CAMPANER & nbsp; Francisco M
286 CANDELARIA ; Desiree G
287 CANIBA &nb sp; May A
288 CANTALEJO John Dale A
289 CANTIL &nb sp; Jason A
290 CANTIMBUHAN &nbs p; Veron Joy J
291 CAPARAS &n bsp; Melanie C
292 CAPINPIN & nbsp; Michael Joseph C
293 CAPUSEN &n bsp; Dimsey J
294 CAPUYAN &n bsp; Julifaith C
295 CARDENAS & nbsp; Maria Josella Teresa M
296 CARILLO &n bsp; Mae Jill B
297 CARINGAL & nbsp; Carlos M
298 CARINGAL & nbsp; Glenda Leah A
299 CARITOS &n bsp; Rona Ann V
300 CARIÑO &nb sp; Arbin Omar P
301 CARIÑO &nb sp; Marlon M
302 CARLOS &nb sp; Roy E
303 CARMONA &n bsp; Sheila Minnelli V
304 CASTASUS & nbsp; Lee Guian Paulo O
305 CASTIL &nb sp; Rico C
306 CASTILLEJO ; Raymond Christle N
307 CASTILLO & nbsp; Eleazar E
308 CASTILLO & nbsp; Javerick G
309 CASTILLO & nbsp; Ma. Christina G
310 CASTILLO & nbsp; Paul Cornelius T
311 CASTILLO, JR. Emmanuel & nbsp; F
312 CASTRO &nb sp; Allan R
313 CASTRO &nb sp; Carmencita D
314 CASTRO &nb sp; Cyril Alfred S
315 CASTRO &nb sp; Elvira Joselle R
316 CASTRO &nb sp; Jose Romulo L
317 CASTRO &nb sp; Lorelei A
318 CASTRO &nb sp; Rohail R
319 CATALO &nb sp; Janice C
320 CATAPANG & nbsp; Dyan Kristi C
321 CATAPANG-ROSALES ; Luzviminda C
322 CATIBAYAN Luis Manuel M
323 CATRE &nbs p; Mary Christine Charisse G
324 CATRE, JR. Noel Christian G
325 CAUILAN &n bsp; Joey L
326 CAUNAN &nb sp; Patricia Yvonne M
327 CAYANGA &n bsp; Edelisa May M
328 CAZEÑAS &n bsp; Mary Dezerie D
329 CAÑAL &nbs p; Renato E
330 CAÑAMO &nb sp; Peter B
331 CAÑEDO &nb sp; Jose Ritche O
332 CAÑEDO, JR. Florenz &n bsp; O
333 CAÑETE &nb sp; Ferdinand C
334 CAÑO ; Maria Janice B
335 CECILIO, JR. Uldarico & nbsp; P
336 CEDEÑO &nb sp; Al Joseph V
337 CENIZA &nb sp; Yvonne C
338 CENTENO &n bsp; Joseph Darren C
339 CEREZO &nb sp; Jimbert A
340 CERVANTES Leonardo Roy A
341 CHAN ; Marvin A
342 CHAN ; Phil Ivan A
343 CHANECO &n bsp; Maria Cecilia V
344 CHANYUNGCO ; Caleen T
345 CHAO-AYAN Lalaine Y
346 CHAVEZ, JR. Raul ; B
347 CHAVEZ-BERNARDO Anunsacion P
348 CHING &nbs p; Betha Fe A
349 CHIONG &nb sp; Kristine Vanessa T
350 CHOI ; Christina T
351 CHONG &nbs p; Juan Ruffo D
352 CHUA ; Joan A
353 CHUA ; Jon Anton Daryl Y
354 CHUA ; Marites L
355 CHUA ; Maximilian
356 CHUA CHENG Perfecto Adelfo C
357 CIRILO &nb sp; Kristine Ria N
358 CLARIN &nb sp; Armando T
359 CLARINO &n bsp; Madonna N
360 CLEMENCIO Djhoana Gene A
361 CLEMENTE & nbsp; Katrina O
362 CLOMA &nbs p; Melissa D
363 CO & nbsp;Janice L
364 COBSEN &nb sp; Martinelli R
365 COLES &nbs p; Christopher R
366 COLINIO, JR. Ricardo &n bsp; A
367 COLLANTES King George Leandro Antonio V
368 COMAFAY, JR. Errol &nbs p; B
369 COMAHIG &n bsp; Niño Rey P
370 CONDEZ &nb sp; Christina Faye M
371 CONDEZ &nb sp; Dustin Jay A
372 CONDOR &nb sp; Glenn D
373 CONSEBIT & nbsp; Norlyn P
374 CONSTANTINO &nbs p; Alvin Joseph G
375 CONSTANTINO &nbs p; Bernie Francis B
376 CONSTANTINO &nbs p; Cherry Mae M
377 CONSTANTINO &nbs p; Placido S
378 CONTRERAS Monaliza G
379 CORGOS &nb sp; Lenon Jay A
380 CORNEL &nb sp; Bernadette O
381 CORPUZ &nb sp; Christine C
382 CORPUZ &nb sp; Cynthia C
383 CORTES &nb sp; Santos Anthony O
384 COSTELO &n bsp; Arnold C
385 COTIAMCO & nbsp; Casiano Anthony G
386 CRESPO &nb sp; Alesandro G
387 CRISTOBAL Kristan Carlos M
388 CRUZ ; Agatha Paula A
389 CRUZ ; Anthony Ronar B
390 CRUZ ; Carmenez B
391 CRUZ ; Ferdinand O
392 CRUZ ; Karl Cornelio A
393 CRUZ, JR. Rene ; P
394 CRUZ-MENDOZA &nb sp; Karen Kaye C
395 CU & nbsp;Migñon Chrix D
396 CUA Mary Kimberly G
397 CUBERO &nb sp; John Paul B
398 CUEVAS &nb sp; Brian James C
399 CUGAL &nbs p; Arnold V
400 CUIZON &nb sp; Cyril Bryan D
401 CULANCULAN ; Ma. Cherryl M
402 CUMITAG &n bsp; Gaius P
403 CURAZA &nb sp; Maria Aurora R
404 CUSTODIO & nbsp; Niersen C
405 CUÑADA &nb sp; Jp Anthony D
406 CUÑANO &nb sp; Paul Michael J
407 DAAYATA &n bsp; Jessamine M
408 DABU ; Maria Helen T
409 DACLAN &nb sp; Eller Roel I
410 DACQUEL &n bsp; Denny A
411 DAGARAGA & nbsp; Roschelle B
412 DALANAO &n bsp; Heidiliza G
413 DALANGIN, JR. Bart ; Q
414 DALLO &nbs p; Zorayda R
415 DANAO &nbs p; Catherine S
416 DANLAG-LUIG &nbs p; Razel A
417 DANO ; Richard M
418 DATOON &nb sp; Teresita U
419 DAVID &nbs p; Kristine Kay S
420 DAVID &nbs p; Timothy J
421 DAYAG &nbs p; Wilhelmina Mojet S
422 DE CASTRO Thomas John Thaddeus F
423 DE GUZMAN Rico &n bsp; J
424 DE GUZMAN, III Ricardo &n bsp; C
425 DE JESUS Michael Ken R
426 DE JUAN-HERMOSO Maribeth &nbs p; L
427 DE LA CRUZ Kareen &n bsp; P
428 DE LARA Joel &nbs p; M
429 DE LEON Cyril &nb sp; F
430 DE LEON May Angeli G
431 DE LEON, JR. Hernan Ed Noel L
432 DE LOS SANTOS, JR. Ricardo &n bsp; C
433 DE LUNA Sherwin & nbsp; M
434 DE PERALTA Christian &n bsp; G
435 DE VERA Celina &n bsp; S
436 DE VEYRA Juan Carlos J
437 DEFANTE &n bsp; Divi Bless G
438 DEL SOCORRO Lloyd Ismael O
439 DELA CHICA Jose Jay E
440 DELA CRUZ Allen &nb sp; S
441 DELA CRUZ Donna Cher A
442 DELA CRUZ Eric &nbs p; B
443 DELA CRUZ John Gerald B
444 DELA CRUZ June Abigail S
445 DELA CRUZ Marie Francesca Luz O
446 DELA PAZ Carmela &n bsp; T
447 DELA PEÑA Aldin &nb sp; P
448 DELA RAMA Myra &nbs p; P
449 DELFIN &nb sp; Jeremy Diosana
450 DELGADO &n bsp; Julius Gregory B
451 DELOS REYES Grace Maria Theresa Bambi A
452 DELOS SANTOS Mar Angelo G
453 DEMETILLO Jasmin M
454 DERIGAY &n bsp; Rachel F
455 DIANO &nbs p; Melanie Rita B
456 DICIANO &n bsp; Rachel I
457 DIDAL &nbs p; Janice M
458 DIMACULANGAN &nb sp; Karen L
459 DIMAISIP & nbsp; Joyce Jazmin G
460 DIMANLIG & nbsp; Nicole Ava S
461 DINO ; Jan Paulo DL
462 DIONISIO & nbsp; Mary Jaynard P
463 DITAN &nbs p; Maria Cristina A
464 DIVINAGRACIA &nb sp; Angiebel A
465 DIVINO &nb sp; Markson E
466 DIÑO ; Dominic A
467 DOCDOCIL & nbsp; Edith A
468 DOMINGO &n bsp; Bernard Joseph E
469 DOMINGO &n bsp; Johnson V
470 DOMINGO &n bsp; Joyce Felisa B
471 DOMINGO &n bsp; Maria Paula B
472 DOMINGUEZ Ina Alexandra A
473 DOMINO &nb sp; Julie Ann B
474 DORIA &nbs p; Arnold V
475 DUEÑAS &nb sp; Niña Genoveva D
476 DUNGCA &nb sp; Joy F
477 DURAN &nbs p; Alain Zam C
478 DURAN &nbs p; Marie Christine A
479 DURANO &nb sp; Mylene M
480 DY & nbsp;Denise S
481 DY & nbsp;Mark Robert A
483 EBREO &nbs p; Madonna L
484 EDUARTE, JR. Henedino Joseph P
485 ELANG &nbs p; Muiz-za M
486 ELE Maria Felicitas V
487 ELOT ; Beda Joy B
488 ENOPIA &nb sp; Frederick A
489 ENTILA &nb sp; Julius C
491 ESCAUSO &n bsp; Ronald C
492 ESCOLANO, Ida Marie V
493 ESGUERRA, Roman S
494 ESPEJO-BIAG, Angela Patrice A
495 ESPELA, Melan M
496 ESPINELI, Karen Jill M
497 ESPINO, Alain Paul B
498 ESPINOSA, Mark B
499 ESPIRITU, Kristine Nicole M
501 ESQUEJO, Hilda L
502 ESQUIVIAS, Julius Thomas A
504 ESTOLAS, May Angeli M
505 ESTRELLA, Paula Sophia G
506 EUSTAQUIO, Magnolia D
508 FABIAN, Marie P
509 FABILLAN, Alexanderwerk E
510 FAJARDO, Jean S
511 FAMOR, Orwin Lloyd M
512 FARIÑAS, Cherry Dane A
513 FAURILLO, Michelle A
514 FAVIS, Maria Cristina D
515 FAVORITO & nbsp; Meliza F
516 FELICIANO Dennis P
517 FELIPE &nb sp; Jennifer D
518 FERNANDEZ Ennoh Chentis R
519 FERNANDEZ Maricel D
520 FERNANDEZ Mc Jill Bryant T
522 FERNANDEZ, IV Cristobal & nbsp; R
523 FERRER &nb sp; Maricris S
524 FERROLINO Concepcion Zeny E
526 FLORES &nb sp; Aldwin Z
527 FLORES &nb sp; Ellen Grace R
528 FLORES &nb sp; Pedrito B
529 FLORES &nb sp; Sherwin D
530 FLORIA &nb sp; Joselea Y
531 FOZ Justice Anthony A
532 FRANCISCO Mariel L
533 FRANCISCO, JR. Philomel & nbsp; D
534 FRANCO &nb sp; Karin-lei N
535 FRISNEDI & nbsp; April Joy L
536 FUENTEBELLA &nbs p; Felix William B
537 FUENTES &n bsp; Ruth C
538 FULE-LOGAN ; Kathy Luisa G
539 FURIGAY &n bsp; Mark Leo P
540 GABIHAN &n bsp; Dennis R
541 GABOR &nbs p; Allan Jae V
542 GABRIEL &n bsp; Daisy Ann S
543 GABRIEL &n bsp; Sherry Anne C
544 GACUTAN &n bsp; Sheila C
545 GAELA &nbs p; Frederick C
546 GALANG &nb sp; Emmanuel L
547 GALANTO &n bsp; Mary Anne B
548 GALAPON &n bsp; Martin C
549 GALVAN &nb sp; Mark J
550 GALVEZ &nb sp; Hernando C
551 GALVEZ &nb sp; Mechelee Kieth F
552 GAMBOA &nb sp; Joan Lou P
553 GANA ; Joanna Kristine S
554 GAPATAN &n bsp; Jasmine Ann B
555 GARCIA &nb sp; Grace P
556 GARCIA &nb sp; Jesse James A
557 GARCIA &nb sp; Kerwyn D
558 GARCIA &nb sp; Marc Jeremiah R
559 GARCIA &nb sp; Maria Khristina Z
560 GARCIA &nb sp; Marisa P
561 GARCIA &nb sp; Mark Evarra M
562 GARCIA &nb sp; Michael P
563 GARCIA-GABRIEL & nbsp; Aura Rizza A
564 GARRUCHO & nbsp; Gretchen Y
565 GATDULA &n bsp; Eddielyn L
566 GATURIAN & nbsp; Lalaine T
567 GAVAS, JR. Ernesto &n bsp; R
568 GAY-YA &nb sp; Jerico G
569 GAYAGAY &n bsp; Romelyn B
570 GEALON &nb sp; Rey M
571 GEBILAGUIN ; Shiela D
572 GELBOLINGO ; Juliemie B
573 GENUINO &n bsp; Erwin F
574 GEOCANIGA Rommel T
575 GERMAN &nb sp; Dainelee V
576 GIANAN, JR. Lino ; A
577 GIGA ; Marlou C
579 GO & nbsp;Abigail V
580 GO & nbsp;Erdelyne C
581 GO & nbsp;Ormil D
582 GOLEZ &nbs p; Sylvester P
583 GOMEZ &nbs p; Ira Jordana Margrethe M
584 GOMEZ &nbs p; Jacqueline Ann Marie O
585 GOMEZ &nbs p; Mark Louie L
586 GOMEZ &nbs p; Michael Geronimo R
587 GOMEZ &nbs p; Patricia Isabel O
588 GOMINTONG Jemarose G
589 GONZALES & nbsp; Ivy C
590 GONZALES & nbsp; Lifrendo M
591 GONZALES, JR. Cesario &n bsp; G
592 GONZALEZ & nbsp; Archimedes B
593 GONZALEZ & nbsp; Rosario Carmela B
594 GORRES &nb sp; Angelina Luisa V
595 GRANDE &nb sp; Charlemagne Angelo C
596 GREGORIO & nbsp; Anah T
597 GREGORIO & nbsp; Jenneth M
598 GRIMALDO & nbsp; Ivy Joy R
599 GUAN ; Ina Claire B
600 GUARNES, JR. Felix &nbs p; G
601 GUAYCO &nb sp; Gideon Rey V
602 GUERRERO & nbsp; Alejandro Epifanio D
603 GUERRERO & nbsp; Feliz Marie M
604 GUERRERO & nbsp; Kathleen Phyllis P
605 GUEVARRA & nbsp; Melanie O
606 GUEVARRA & nbsp; Rexford D
607 GUMABON &n bsp; Joseph Ray P
608 GUMATAY, JR. Efren &nbs p; G
609 GUMBAO &nb sp; Ethyl Fe T
610 GUNGON &nb sp; Flora Fe B
611 GUYO ; Muamar A
612 HAMOY &nbs p; Owlette Christine Jill D
613 HARON &nbs p; Noharddin M
614 HASSAN &nb sp; Najira S
615 HASSIMAN & nbsp; Jalsidrie T
616 HERNANDEZ Elaine May P
617 HERNANDEZ Helen Grace S
618 HERNANDEZ Robert A
619 HERNANDEZ Rosette M
620 HERNANE &n bsp; Herbert B
621 HERRERA &n bsp; Catherine N
622 HIPOLITO & nbsp; Maria Bienvenida Angelica D
623 HORCASITAS ; Harold M
624 HUECAS &nb sp; Roy V
625 IDAGO-BELINO &nb sp; Irma Gay G
626 IGNACIO &n bsp; Maria Theresa Distajo
627 ILAGAN, IV Ruben ; R
628 ILUSTRISIMO &nbs p; Beverly F
629 INIHAO &nb sp; Reymund G
630 INOCENCIO, JR. Miguel &nb sp; C
631 ISIDORO &n bsp; Augusto Eric C
632 ISRAEL &nb sp; Johnny W
633 ISRAEL &nb sp; Marilyn M
634 JACOB &nbs p; Jihan A
635 JALA ; Majesty Eve L
636 JAM Madeline Arezu T
637 JAMBANGAN Bambeth Mahal C
638 JARA ; Thacher C
639 JARAMILLA Gilbert M
640 JAVIER &nb sp; Doris C
641 JAVIER &nb sp; Kirby G
642 JAVIER &nb sp; Nesly Joy S
643 JAVILLO-AGUILA & nbsp; Lilibeth M
644 JAYSON &nb sp; Renelyn B
645 JIMENEZ &n bsp; Vicente S
646 JONES &nbs p; Ramon Jose E
647 JOSOL &nbs p; Mary Kathleen C
648 JOVEN &nbs p; Melissa Genevieve B
649 JUAN ; Eric R
650 JUMUAD &nb sp; Harold A
651 JURADO &nb sp; Leonard Peejay V
652 JURILLA &n bsp; Keenan Rhys Y
653 JUSAY &nbs p; Kenneth J
654 KAKIHARA & nbsp; Jiro G
655 KALIM &nbs p; Abdul Rashid P
656 KAPALAC &n bsp; Judemar V
657 KIMAYONG & nbsp; Zozimo P
658 KINTANAR & nbsp; Maria Ysidra May Y
659 LABINE &nb sp; Annie Rose L
660 LABRADOR & nbsp; Felmanda C
661 LABRIAGA & nbsp; Ma. Jessette G
662 LACSON &nb sp; Rosstum C
663 LADERA, IV Antonio &nb sp; V
664 LADORES &n bsp; Ivan Mark S
665 LAGAN &nbs p; Rachel Lee V
666 LAGUDAS, JR. Eulogio &n bsp; L
667 LAGULA &nb sp; Kristina V
668 LAGUNZAD & nbsp; Sam Dominic T
669 LAJA ; Leah Easter P
670 LALUNA &nb sp; Ma. Isabel Z
671 LAMBO &nbs p; Ma. Celeste R
672 LAMPACAN & nbsp; Andres Arnold W
673 LAO Kristyn Jean R
674 LAOLAO, JR. Antonio &n bsp; L
675 LARA ; Maria Leah R
677 LARGO &nbs p; Nelson V
678 LARGOZA &n bsp; Salvador Gregorio L
679 LARIBA &nb sp; Ma. Gloria Alphine S
680 LARIOSA &n bsp; Jessie A
681 LASAM-CUMAGUN &n bsp; Mari-grace C
682 LAURESTE & nbsp; Florida L
683 LAURON &nb sp; Manuel Patrick K
684 LAYGO &nbs p; Jennifer E
685 LAZARITO & nbsp; Khristine Kay M
686 LEDESMA &n bsp; Cheryl Marie V
687 LEE Janice C
688 LEE Kelvin Lester K
689 LEE Marjorie B
690 LEGASPI &n bsp; Bellatrix O
691 LEGASPI &n bsp; Joan Michelle M
692 LEUNG &nbs p; Florendo L
693 LEYCANO &n bsp; Andrea B
694 LEYVA &nbs p; Eunika Lesli R
695 LIANGCO &n bsp; Daryl G
696 LICERA &nb sp; Geony P
697 LICERALDE Ma. Elizabeth L
698 LICO ; Marisse Gay G
699 LIGMAYO &n bsp; Paul D
700 LIM Bryan S
701 LIM Laarni Victoria B
702 LIM Lovely E
703 LIMBING &n bsp; Cheryl T
704 LINCUNA &n bsp; Duke Ramil P
705 LLANES &nb sp; Lawrence Q
706 LOCAYLOCAY ; Amife Joan C
707 LOCSIN &nb sp; Ryan A
708 LOFRANCO & nbsp; Vicar Loureen G
709 LOGRONIO & nbsp; Jennie Ann T
710 LOPEZ &nbs p; Dhonadette L
711 LOPEZ &nbs p; Michael Angelo O
712 LOPEZ-ORO Corazon Natividad D
713 LORENZO &n bsp; Edmond B
714 LORENZO &n bsp; Neil E
715 LUARDO, JR. Edgardo &n bsp; B
716 LUCERO &nb sp; Rhoan G
717 LUCILA, II Roberto Rafael N
718 LUIS ; Benjamin S
719 LUMACTOD & nbsp; Joseph Eric C
721 LUMEREZ, JR. Cresente & nbsp; B
722 LYNN ; Jacques S
723 MABANES &n bsp; April Rose S
724 MACABANDO Samina S
725 MACABAYA & nbsp; Beryl Concepcion O
726 MACAPAGAL Ferdinand L
727 MACAPAGAL Michael T
729 MACARUBBO Epifania B
730 MACATANGAY ; Augusto Leon A
731 MACATANGAY ; Michael Remir H
732 MACAYRA &n bsp; Marianne M
733 MACEREN &n bsp; Lyndon A
734 MACOY &nbs p; Cristine L
735 MACTAL &nb sp; Walter L
736 MADRILEJO Leonides M
738 MAGNABE &n bsp; Kirk Andrew T
740 MAGTIBAY & nbsp; Medwin B
741 MAGTUBO &n bsp; Rey E
742 MAHAWAN &n bsp; Benison M
743 MAHINAY &n bsp; Girlie C
744 MAHIPUS &n bsp; Diosdado Angelo Junior R
745 MALABAG &n bsp; Maria Rhodora A
747 MALANDAC & nbsp; Clariza P
748 MALAPOTE & nbsp; Paul Edgar F
749 MALAYA &nb sp; Milagros Evans I
750 MALIBIRAN Bernard Joseph B
751 MALIGAYA & nbsp; Greg Zacarias M
752 MALLARI &n bsp; Katrina Bianca H
753 MAMBA &nbs p; Maria Rosario S
754 MANABILANG ; Haroun Bin Omar E
755 MANALASTAS ; Dennis Gerard F
756 MANALAYSAY ; Andrea Celene M
757 MANALAYSAY ; Anna Karin F
758 MANALIGOD Ismael T
759 MANALO &nb sp; Paul Erik D
760 MANANGHAYA ; Maria Melinda S
761 MANANZAN & nbsp; Monica J
762 MANAOG &nb sp; Mary Hazel C
763 MANAOIS &n bsp; Fely Reina V
764 MANCENIDO Uella Vida V
765 MANGENTE & nbsp; Myra S
766 MANGUBAT & nbsp; Rhea M
767 MANLANGIT Angelo D
768 MANONGAS & nbsp; Queen Ann D
769 MANSILUNGAN &nbs p; Donna D
770 MANTE, JR. Urbano &nb sp; T
771 MANUBAG &n bsp; Amiel Joaquin E
772 MARABE &nb sp; Ridgway C
773 MARAON &nb sp; Leah B
774 MARAPAO &n bsp; Lord V R
775 MARASIGAN Jennifer M
776 MARASIGAN Nerissa L
777 MARGARICO Paul Andre R
778 MARGATE &n bsp; Karl Anthony R
780 MARIANO &n bsp; Emmanuel M
781 MARQUEZ &n bsp; Joyce Marie B
782 MARQUIÑO & nbsp; John Mark C
783 MARTELINO Jobert M
784 MARTHO &nb sp; Edgar S
785 MARTIN &nb sp; Karl Francis S
786 MARTIN &nb sp; Nilo N
787 MARTINEZ & nbsp; Amelia Cristina V
789 MARZAN &nb sp; Antonio F
790 MARZO &nbs p; Lailani C
791 MASACAL &n bsp; Anwar U
792 MATA, II Reynold &nb sp; DG
793 MATEO &nbs p; Eleanor R
794 MATIAS &nb sp; Dexter G
795 MATILLANO Lovely Concepcion C
796 MAURICIO & nbsp; Paul Vincent R
797 MAXIMO &nb sp; Dinah P
798 MAÑALAC &n bsp; Maria Elizabeth S
800 MEDRANO &n bsp; Jayferson F
801 MEER ; Rafael Antonio P
802 MENDOZA &n bsp; Claudie M
803 MENDOZA &n bsp; Exzon B
804 MENDOZA &n bsp; Gerald Al P
805 MENDOZA &n bsp; Justin Christopher C
806 MENDOZA &n bsp; Melinda Cielo C
807 MENDOZA &n bsp; Sunshine D
808 MENDOZA &n bsp; Winston Aris M
809 MENESES &n bsp; Hermielita M
810 MENOR &nbs p; Benjie Benjamin A
811 MENOR &nbs p; Dianna Kathrina C
812 MERCADO &n bsp; Charade B
813 MERCADO &n bsp; Jihan Carla T
814 MESINA &nb sp; Maria Merle M
815 MICIANO &n bsp; Renee Lynn C
816 MIGUEL &nb sp; Genalyn N
817 MILITANTE Karen Leslie N
818 MILLAN &nb sp; Sharon B
819 MIRANDA &n bsp; Romina M
820 MISA ; John Paul Louis D
821 MISON &nbs p; Rafael Jaime A
822 MOISES &nb sp; Mary Grace D
823 MOLAS &nbs p; Karen Lisette T
824 MOLDEZ &nb sp; Mary Glenn T
825 MOLINA &nb sp; Christian Dawn G
826 MON Maricar F
827 MONJARDIN Marc Lee N
828 MONSALUD & nbsp; Kristin Ayn D
829 MONTEALEGRE &nbs p; Cheryll Grace H
830 MONTEALTO Stahrl Khristine G
831 MONTECER & nbsp; Marie Concepcion A
832 MONTESCLAROS &nb sp; Marius T
833 MONTINO &n bsp; Raul R
834 MONTON, JR. Higino &nb sp; A
835 MORADA &nb sp; Joyce Marie Antoinette L
836 MORALEDA & nbsp; Karla Monica S
837 MORALES &n bsp; April Raine B
838 MORALES &n bsp; Reggie E
839 MORALLOS-OMAR &n bsp; Maria Laarni N
840 MORANDO &n bsp; Jovit R
841 MORCILLA & nbsp; Rea L
842 MOSQUEDA & nbsp; Carmela V
843 MOTRIL &nb sp; Helen Grace A
844 NACARIO &n bsp; Jupiter V
845 NADELA, JR. Raul ; A
846 NAMALATA & nbsp; Joeffrey D
847 NARAG, JR. Mario Atanasio P
848 NARAWI &nb sp; Jullie Mael M
849 NASDOMAN & nbsp; Johnson P
850 NATINO-FALALIMPA ; Kristin Marie L
851 NATIVIDAD Christian D
852 NATIVIDAD Maria Cecilia G
853 NAVARRO &n bsp; Ma. Cristina T
854 NEBRIJA &n bsp; Michael V
855 NEMENZO &n bsp; Ann Marie L
857 NEPOMUCENO ; Ann Sophie M
858 NERI ; Mark Peter G
859 NERO ; Ma. Josenia A
861 NGO Tom Jayson O
862 NICOLAS &n bsp; Kristian A
863 NICOLAS &n bsp; Menilba M
864 NILLO &nbs p; Aquino Martin V
865 NIONES &nb sp; John Paul D
866 NOCETE &nb sp; Randy F
867 NOCHE &nbs p; Kristen G
868 NODQUE &nb sp; Vida Grace Z
869 NOGOY &nbs p; Ivy Grace B
870 NOLASCO &n bsp; Charisma I
871 NOLASCO &n bsp; Leonid C
872 NOLASCO, JR. Ramon &nbs p; C
873 NUEVO &nbs p; Shirley O
874 NUÑEZ &nbs p; Victor Maria D
875 OBIAL &nbs p; Florence Ed T
876 OBTINALLA, JR. Simeon &nb sp; C
877 OBUS ; Jose Julius P
878 OCAMPO &nb sp; Francis Louie U
879 OCAMPO &nb sp; Nancy M
880 OCAMPO &nb sp; Rory Jorge L
881 OCANG &nbs p; Jeffrey James G
882 OCHE ; Jonathan S
883 OCHOA-SARMIENTO Faustina Victoria E
884 OLARTE &nb sp; Rosemarie T
885 OLIDAN &nb sp; Maria Karen S
886 OLIVAR &nb sp; Carlo U
887 OMADTO &nb sp; Jeffrey P
888 ONDOY, JR. Fermin &nb sp; D
889 ONG Cezar S
890 ONGKIKO &n bsp; Emil Bien F
891 ONGSIAPCO Carmela S
892 ONIA, JR. Modesto &n bsp; F
893 ONTALAN &n bsp; Frances Mae Cherryl K
894 ORDAS &nbs p; Nathalia V
895 ORENCIO &n bsp; Donna O
896 OROLA &nbs p; Christopher George L
897 OROPILLA & nbsp; Majellyn N
898 ORTEGA &nb sp; Luz Matilde Niña Dorotea T
899 ORTIZ &nbs p; Ianela Carla M
900 ORTIZ &nbs p; Ruel A
901 OSORIO &nb sp; Fair Lady T
902 OVALLES &n bsp; Franchesca T
903 OÑATE &nbs p; Ronald G
904 PABALAN &n bsp; Analyn T
905 PACIO &nbs p; Maricar P
906 PACOLI &nb sp; Marco Antonio G
907 PACURIBOT Jennifer C
908 PADAYAO &n bsp; Renchi May M
909 PADERANGA, JR. Goering George A
910 PADILLA &n bsp; Jennifer G
911 PAGHACIAN Chiqui H
912 PAGKATIPUNAN &nb sp; Joel V
914 PAGLINAWAN ; George Ahmed G
915 PAGTAKHAN June Ann R
916 PAGUICAN & nbsp; Adrian D
917 PAGULAYAN Amorsito B
918 PAGULAYAN Domiciano A
919 PAGUNTALAN ; Mark Geoffrey P
920 PAHUGOT-TOLEDO & nbsp; Anatrinel T
921 PALABRICA Gladys Pearl T
922 PALAO-GUARINO &n bsp; Dioanne B
923 PALILEO &n bsp; Anya M
924 PALISOC &n bsp; Marianne R
925 PALMA &nbs p; Richard Alfred N
926 PALMES &nb sp; Jacqueline H
927 PALOMO &nb sp; Alaine Arnolf A
928 PAMFILO &n bsp; Floralie M
929 PAMONAG &n bsp; Ronilo L
930 PANCHO &nb sp; Frela S
931 PANES-POTUTAN &n bsp; Janeth O
932 PANGANIBAN ; Jefren P
935 PANGILINAN ; Erlyn Aurea T
936 PANIS &nbs p; Rhuel D
937 PAQUEO &nb sp; Alwen M
938 PARADERO-GUZMAN Katharine Freida B
939 PARAOAN &n bsp; Karl Patrick N
940 PARAÑAL &n bsp; Marveluna A
941 PARDIAN, JR. Joseph &nb sp; L
942 PAREJA &nb sp; Randy M
944 PASCUA &nb sp; Charity L
945 PASCUA &nb sp; Ramar Niel V
946 PASCUA &nb sp; Raymond Joseph D
947 PASCUAL &n bsp; Rigor R
948 PASTELERO Miguel Antonio B
949 PASTORES & nbsp; Stella Angela G
950 PATAJO &nb sp; Jose Paolo A
951 PATRIARCA Richard P
952 PAYLIP &nb sp; Rosevee R
953 PEGARIDO & nbsp; Erlyn M
954 PELANDOC & nbsp; Rico S
955 PELAYO &nb sp; Virgie Lynn O
956 PERALTA &n bsp; Arjay N
957 PERANG &nb sp; Dennis C
958 PEREZ &nbs p; Gene Vincent G
959 PEREZ &nbs p; Joseph Brian T
960 PEREZ &nbs p; Ma. Kathryn Joy Q
961 PERILLO &n bsp; Patrick Simon S
962 PESCADOR & nbsp; Jeremy L
963 PESTAÑO &n bsp; Rose Mae F
964 PEÑALOSA & nbsp; Wilfred Ramon M
965 PHUA ; Marc Achilles M
966 PICHAY &nb sp; Jane Laarni O
967 PILLADO &n bsp; Noreen A
968 PINEDA &nb sp; Cristina Mia S
969 POBLETE &n bsp; Jonathan Sixto M
970 POBRE &nbs p; Christopher H
971 POLITICO & nbsp; Jeicqpoi N
972 PONFERRADA ; Regidor A
973 PONSARAN & nbsp; Joy Marie B
974 PONSARAN & nbsp; Raizuli A
975 PONTANAL & nbsp; Alpha Carole O
976 PONTEJOS & nbsp; Fiona G
977 PONTIOSO & nbsp; Rhea Mae A
978 PRADO &nbs p; Crystal I
979 PROSIANOS Myrtle B
980 PUA-NG &nb sp; Janelyn S
981 PUASO &nbs p; Garry Franco C
982 PUGOY &nbs p; Roland Jun S
983 PULMA &nbs p; Dionne E
984 PUNO ; Charles Michael T
985 PURUEL &nb sp; Rojane M
986 PUZON &nbs p; David Julian G
987 PUZON &nbs p; Kaythreene Eunice G
988 QUAN ; Ryan Jeremiah D
989 QUE Nanette A
990 QUERRER &n bsp; Janice S
991 QUEZON &nb sp; Don-vic P
992 QUIDATO &n bsp; Sherwin Paul E
993 QUILENTE & nbsp; Mary Grace C
994 QUIMPO &nb sp; Maria Kristine A
995 QUINAGAN & nbsp; Cristina Mae G
996 QUINTANA & nbsp; Rizza R
997 QUIRINO-ABALOS & nbsp; Sylvia Maria Anna P
998 QUITAIN &n bsp; Elizabeth F
999 QUITAIN &n bsp; Katherine F
1000 QUIZO &nb sp; Mary Therese P
1001 RABAGO &n bsp; Rey S
1002 RABORAR & nbsp; Eden R
1003 RACHO &nb sp; Melanie V
1004 RADJAIE & nbsp; Tareeq Yahya Timhar A
1005 RAFAL &nb sp; Chris A
1006 RAGASA &n bsp; Jerleah Remedios B
1007 RAGAY &nb sp; Mera Jane C
1008 RAIMUNDO Rhudilyn April B
1009 RAMIREZ & nbsp; Leslie B
1010 RAMIREZ & nbsp; Shaina Anella B
1011 RAMOS &nb sp; Anna Lorem R
1012 RAMOS &nb sp; Gemma Lou P
1013 RAMOS &nb sp; Ginalyn Y
1014 RAMOS &nb sp; Patrick T
1015 RAMOS, III Primo &nbs p; A
1016 RANARA &n bsp; Lilibeth R
1017 RANCES &n bsp; Domnina T
1018 RANCES &n bsp; Esther Rose N
1019 RAPISTA & nbsp; Judy Marie E
1020 RAYMUNDO Vanessa C
1021 RAZON &nb sp; Judy B
1022 RECINTO & nbsp; Alex G
1023 RECIO &nb sp; Marichelle B
1024 RECTA &nb sp; Gracea Hephzibah R
1025 REFAZO &n bsp; Mynoa M
1026 REFE &nbs p; Analyn E
1027 REGIS &nb sp; April Love C
1028 REMIGIO, JR. Glenn &nbs p; A
1029 REMULLA & nbsp; Giselle B
1030 RENEGADO Renato C
1031 RENOMERON ; Timm B
1032 RESURRECCION &n bsp; Maria Greta R
1033 REUYAN-DABON &n bsp; Joyous S
1034 REVILLA, JR. Quirino &n bsp; P
1035 REYES &nb sp; Antoinette E
1036 REYES &nb sp; Irene Patricia N
1037 REYES &nb sp; John Adelbert L
1038 REYES &nb sp; Johnson G
1039 REYES &nb sp; Kristine Mari I
1040 REYES &nb sp; Mark A
1041 REYES &nb sp; Ron Winston A
1042 REYES &nb sp; Valerie Jill S
1043 RIBAS &nb sp; James Paul J
1044 RICAFORT Evita Mariz M
1045 RICO &nbs p; Ellen S
1046 RIVAMONTE ; Ryan B
1047 RIVAS &nb sp; Polaris Grace H
1048 RIVERA &n bsp; Augustine A
1049 RIVERA &n bsp; Francinina Gracia I
1050 RIVERA &n bsp; Joy S
1052 ROBILLO & nbsp; Ernesto Raphael V
1053 ROBLES &n bsp; Frederick Joe N
1054 RODRIGO, III Romeo &nbs p; G
1055 RODRIGUEZ ; Karen Joyce D
1056 RODRIGUEZ ; Niño A
1057 RODRIGUEZ ; Renel Joseph T
1058 RONGO &nb sp; Marcelino C
1059 ROQUE &nb sp; Anna Kristina D
1060 ROQUE &nb sp; Nelson Silvestre
1061 ROSALES & nbsp; Juvy Grace E
1062 ROSARIO & nbsp; Albert R
1063 ROSARIO & nbsp; Lotis P
1064 ROSELLO & nbsp; Jalika Mae F
1065 ROVERO, JR. Vicente &n bsp; F
1066 ROXAS &nb sp; Chino Paolo Z
1067 ROXAS &nb sp; Johndy B
1068 ROXAS &nb sp; Rea M
1069 RUANTO &n bsp; Chris Paolo R
1070 RUBENECIA ; Vic Allan E
1071 RUBIO &nb sp; Carl Andrew M
1072 RUIZ &nbs p; Ariel N
1073 RUIZ &nbs p; Cholyn Mae M
1074 RUIZ &nbs p; Jose Meno C
1075 SABARRE & nbsp; Rino E
1076 SABARRE-INFANTE ; Rosario E
1077 SABERON & nbsp; Paul Richard A
1078 SABIO &nb sp; Fides Angeli G
1079 SADANG &n bsp; Felton C
1080 SADIA &nb sp; Francisco F
1081 SAGA &nbs p; Alvin L
1082 SAGAUINIT ; Kenneth C
1083 SAGMON &n bsp; Ingrid P
1084 SAGPAEY & nbsp; Jake A
1085 SAHIRON & nbsp; Lilian I
1086 SAIDDI &n bsp; Pherham S
1087 SAJILI &n bsp; Aquino J
1088 SAKANDAL Al-kadam A
1089 SAKKAM &n bsp; Eric Ismael P
1090 SALA &nbs p; Mashur S
1091 SALADAGA Romeo A
1092 SALAZAR & nbsp; Armida B
1093 SALAZAR & nbsp; Didith A
1094 SALAZAR & nbsp; Doris Sharry P
1095 SALAZAR & nbsp; Johnsen A
1096 SALAZAR & nbsp; Roberto A
1097 SALCEDO & nbsp; Karl Andre G
1098 SALE &nbs p; Jenny U
1099 SALEM &nb sp; Ephraim Garnet M
1100 SALIENTE Jacqueline Kate T
1101 SALONGA & nbsp; Christianne Grace F
1102 SALUD &nb sp; Joseph B
1103 SALVA &nb sp; Jocelyn T
1104 SALVE &nb sp; Allan O
1105 SALVO &nb sp; Ariel C
1106 SAMONTE & nbsp; Aren Marie H
1107 SAMPIOR & nbsp; Jorrey T
1108 SAMSON &n bsp; Benjamin R
1109 SAN JOSE Aiza Katrina L
1110 SANCHEZ & nbsp; Bheejhay D
1111 SANCHEZ, II Jay Karel P
1112 SANTIAGO Genesi M
1113 SANTIAGO James A
1114 SANTIAGO Jay Patrick R
1115 SANTIAGO Joann Norpeth M
1116 SANTIAGO Michael M
1117 SANTOS &n bsp; Jhon V
1118 SANTOS &n bsp; Ma. Angelica M
1119 SANTOS &n bsp; Melissa A
1120 SANTOS &n bsp; Michelle Sharon Clara C
1121 SANTOS &n bsp; Phillip Charles G
1122 SANTOS &n bsp; Regina Azucena G
1123 SAQUETON Maria Cresenciana M
1124 SAQUING & nbsp; Sheryl B
1125 SARENAS & nbsp; Jason Kyle M
1126 SARMIENTO ; Ramon Abraham A
1127 SARNO &nb sp; Michael Angelo C
1128 SATURNINO ; Charles Ian O
1129 SAYAO &nb sp; Rosemarie B
1130 SECILLANO ; Jefferson C
1131 SEE ; Mary Kimberlie C
1132 SEGURA &n bsp; Richelle R
1133 SELPATEN Rodante C
1134 SEMA &nbs p; Omar Yasser C
1135 SENO &nbs p; Andrei P
1136 SERRANO & nbsp; Edward Robinson P
1137 SERRANO & nbsp; Juanito D
1138 SESE &nbs p; John Martin H
1139 SETIAS &n bsp; Lorevi Grace C
1140 SEVA &nbs p; Farrah Mae R
1141 SEVILLA & nbsp; Miracle Joy P
1142 SIA ; Teresa Geraldine C
1143 SIA, III Quintin &n bsp; P
1144 SIAO &nbs p; Kristin Charisse C
1145 SIASON &n bsp; Alfonso Miguel ML
1146 SIH ; Davidson Rich L
1147 SILANGA & nbsp; Donnalee G
1148 SILVALA & nbsp; Michael Philip B
1149 SINOGBA & nbsp; Rosalio S
1150 SIRUNO &n bsp; Christian Paul G
1151 SISON &nb sp; Adrian Manuel P
1152 SISON &nb sp; Anna Marin F
1153 SISON &nb sp; Jeffrey Michael F
1154 SISON &nb sp; Sarah Maria Q
1155 SISON-JAVIER &n bsp; Sheila Marie V
1156 SOBERANO Maria Jomah F
1157 SOJOR &nb sp; Alvie Marie L
1158 SOLANO &n bsp; John Albert S
1159 SOLERO &n bsp; Dhalya Grace M
1160 SOLIDON & nbsp; Trina Joy A
1161 SOLIS &nb sp; Carlo Roberto C
1162 SOLIVAS & nbsp; Jasmine L
1163 SOMBRITO Jenny Mae Z
1164 SOMERA &n bsp; Helen Grace J
1165 SORIANO & nbsp; Donna S
1166 SORIANO & nbsp; Marlon U
1167 STA. ANA-LAZARO Bernadeth ; N
1168 STA. ROSA Karla &nb sp; A
1169 SUBEJANO Z'sa May B
1170 SUBIBI &n bsp; Arneil B
1171 SUELO &nb sp; Risha Mae J
1172 SUGUE &nb sp; Neil Anthony L
1173 SUGUI &nb sp; Louella S
1174 SUGUITAN Sara Jane A
1175 SUMAGAYSAY &nbs p; Nasty Jones S
1176 SUMPO &nb sp; Gilda A
1177 SUSON &nb sp; Mary Ann W
1178 SY Anthony Jordan L
1179 SY Maritess C
1180 TABANERA Lynnicel L
1181 TABLATE & nbsp; Jaemarie N
1182 TADEO &nb sp; Ryan T
1183 TAGABING-GALANO ; Lovelorn S
1184 TAMAYO &n bsp; Ray Jean D
1185 TAMON &nb sp; Bernard O
1186 TAMPON &n bsp; Aaron L
1187 TAN ; Art Laurent A
1188 TAN ; Ashley Lene N
1189 TAN ; Christine Joy K
1190 TAN ; Eunice Hyacinth L
1191 TAN ; Francis Ambrosio S
1192 TAN ; Norma A
1193 TANDOG &n bsp; Frances Cyrille F
1194 TANGONAN, III Eugenio &n bsp; N
1195 TANGUANCO ; Alvin B
1196 TAPAYAN & nbsp; Olive Grace A
1197 TAPIA &nb sp; Arvin Q
1198 TAYLAN &n bsp; Kathrine S
1199 TE Marilyn O
1200 TECSON &n bsp; Arlene Grace DV
1201 TECSON &n bsp; Ferdinand C
1202 TED ; Rosbie I
1203 TELAN &nb sp; Allison Zoila M
1204 TELAN &nb sp; Melissa Anne M
1205 TEMPROSA Charmie Clare T
1206 TEODORO & nbsp; Edison C
1207 TEODOSIO Therese T
1208 TIMBOL &n bsp; Chrysostom T
1209 TIMBREZA Nannette M
1210 TINAZA &n bsp; Leah B
1211 TIPAN &nb sp; Erlinda Candy S
1212 TIU ; Heli B
1213 TOLEDO &n bsp; Marjorie Ann C
1214 TOLENTINO ; Mark Kristopher G
1215 TOLENTINO ; Rommel T
1216 TOLOSA, JR. Benjamin & nbsp; S
1217 TOPACIO & nbsp; Anthony Leonard G
1218 TOQUERO & nbsp; Ismael A
1219 TORBELA & nbsp; Paolo G
1220 TORMES &n bsp; Francy D
1221 TORMIS &n bsp; Maria Carmen R
1222 TORREDES Artemio Jay G
1223 TORRENTIRA &nbs p; Aldrin O
1224 TORREVILLAS &nb sp; Manuenilda Rosario A
1225 TORRIL &n bsp; Jennifer M
1226 TRINIDAD Rudyard Anthony M
1227 TRIPOLI & nbsp; Christopher P
1228 TUAZON, III Jerome Victor C
1229 TUBBAN &n bsp; Henry Junior B
1230 TUMANENG Angeline M
1231 TUPAS &nb sp; Gene Carl L
1232 TUTOR, JR. Fidel &nbs p; S
1233 TY Robert Leo C
1234 UBOD &nbs p; Ronel A
1235 UDARBE &n bsp; Dendo G
1236 UGALINO & nbsp; Karen Anne M
1237 ULANDAY & nbsp; Marcelo N
1238 UMILA, II Benito &nbs p; B
1239 UNTALAN & nbsp; Mialeen C
1240 UY Jerilee V
1241 UY Juan Carlos T
1242 VALDEHUESA-ALFANTE &n bsp; Cathlyn E
1243 VALDEHUEZA &nbs p; Christian L
1244 VALENZUELA &nbs p; Carol G
1245 VALERA, JR. Joseph &nb sp; D
1246 VALLEJO & nbsp; Jenny May G
1247 VARGAS &n bsp; Carlo Alessandro B
1248 VASQUEZ & nbsp; Gerald DL
1249 VEGA &nbs p; Marie Crystal May C
1250 VEHEMENTE ; Renato R
1251 VELASQUEZ ; Cielito May T
1252 VELASQUEZ ; Kaima Via B
1253 VELASQUEZ ; Shirley G
1254 VELOSO &n bsp; Marius Fitzgerald E
1255 VENERACION &nbs p; Ma. Theresa S
1256 VER ; Christian Francis C
1257 VERANO &n bsp; Samuel C
1258 VERGARA & nbsp; Manolo Geoffrey C
1259 VERGARA, III Melito &nb sp; A
1260 VILLABLANCA &nb sp; Reymond Q
1261 VILLAMOR Jordana Day V
1262 VILLAMOR Michael Angelo A
1263 VILLAMOR Vimari D
1264 VILLANIA Reynold B
1265 VILLANUEVA &nbs p; Karl Anthony B
1266 VILLANUEVA &nbs p; Monica Isabelle I
1267 VILLANUEVA &nbs p; Wilnerson B
1268 VILLARIÑA ; Glenn C
1269 VILLASFER ; Dennis R
1270 VILLEGAS Adelwiza S
1271 VILLEGAS Jonathan C
1272 VILLEGAS, II Enrique &nb sp; C
1273 VILLENA & nbsp; Charito R
1274 VILLENA & nbsp; Katherine C
1275 VILLEROZ Raymond C
1276 VIRAY, III Marcial Joseph M
1277 VISTO &nb sp; Jay M
1278 VITAL &nb sp; Menita J
1279 WADINGAN Lisle D
1280 WATANABE Ayako S
1281 WEE SIT IV Manuel &nbs p; M
1282 WONG &nbs p; Jessa G
1283 WONG &nbs p; Lynvic M
1284 XAVIER &n bsp; Ela R
1285 YABUT &nb sp; Michael C
1286 YADAO, JR. Arturo &nb sp; Y
1287 YAMBAO &n bsp; Marissa C
1288 YANOGACIO ; Mariel A
1289 YANSON &n bsp; Juvy D
1290 YANTO-VIRAY &nb sp; Catherine A
1291 YEBAN &nb sp; Ryan John T
1292 YPULONG & nbsp; Rhyne A
1293 YU Frederick T
1294 YUMUL &nb sp; Bess Joy M
1295 YUTATCO-SZE &nb sp; Gloriosa P
1296 YUZON-CHAVES &n bsp; Kristine Rosary E
1297 ZALES &nb sp; Marvin L
1298 ZALSOS-UYCHIAT Maria Paz Teresa V
1299 ZAMBRANO Sheryl Jane C
1300 ZAMORA &n bsp; Ysabel Maria J
1301 ZAMORAS & nbsp; Joseph Ian S
1302 ZAPANTA & nbsp; Andrei J
1303 ZAPATA &n bsp; Ronadale M
1304 ZARA-RESURRECCION &nb sp; Jennefer F
1305 ZARAGOSA Jinky C
1306 ZARENO &n bsp; Michelle May I
1307 ZIPAGAN & nbsp; Myra T
1308 ZOLETA &n bsp; Tristan Ysaak M
1309 ZOSA &nbs p; Athena M
1310 ZOSA, III Manuel Eufracio F

Congratulations to our new lawyers! May you help in the fair administration of justice and the upholding of the rule of law in our beloved country.

Note: The list of results you've just seen were originally uploaded at the website of the Supreme Court of the Philippines and the same list of results can be found posted in front of the institution's building on Padre Faura St., Ermita, Manila for a few weeks.

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