Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Blue Water Day Spa Endorser: Is it Marian Rivera or Karylle?

People keep asking on the real deal. Who is the newest Blue Water Day Spa endorser, is it Marian Rivera or Karylle? The same issue is even a hot topic on some Marian Rivera fan sites.The management of Blue Water Day Spa has recently published a press release to clarify the matter and in response to statements made by Popoy Caritativo (Marian Rivera's manager) to the press in the past few weeks:

"Every year, we change our endorsers for BlueWater Day Spa and it remains the company's perogative who we choose to represent as our endorser. As of the issue of who dropped whom, there were NO negotiations for renewal with Ms. Rivera or her representatives that ever took place."

Let us hope the above statement set things straight.

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