Friday, January 23, 2009

Antartica Weather Updates | Ice Melting Fast in Antartica | New Antartica Research

A press release that came out yesterday from the University of Washington has an alarming claim -- Antartica is warming faster than in the last five decades. The research shows that much of Antarctica has been warming at a faster rate comparable to the rest of the world. For one, the warming in West Antarctica is greater than the cooling in East Antarctica as confirmed by Earth and Space Sciences Professor Eric Steig of the University of Washington.

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According to the press release, the researchers devised a statistical technique that uses data from satellites and from Antarctic weather stations to make a new estimate of temperature trends. They found out that "warming in West Antarctica exceeded one-tenth of a degree Celsius per decade for the last 50 years and more than offset the cooling in East Antarctica."

If that is so, then global warming will surely be a major cause of concern this year. We need to do something about it, people. While it's not too late.

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