Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Famous Farm Town at Facebook

Farm Town, the newest and probably the most popular Facebook application/game today is currently taking the Facebook community by storm. In the Philippines, I know a lot of people that play Farm Town. Basically, it is a community of farmers each with a corresponding farm to manage. The goal is to plant as many seeds as possible and harvest them to earn money, which in turn would enable the farmer to plant more crops in his farm. Crops include grapes (the easiest to plant and the quickest to harvest!), potatoes, rice, corn, sunflower, apple trees, etc. Farm Town is complete with the necessary farming tools and a market where the harvest gets sold.

Farm Town is definitely an addicting game. Not only do you get the chance to experience working in a farm, you also get to know new people. Each farm has neighbors which makes it more exciting and fun. This is especially true during harvest time when you can hire your neighbors to harvest your yields. You both earn in the process so it's always a mutually beneficial relationship.

If you haven't tried Farm Town yet, you better log on to your Facebook account now and register before the more fertile farms get occupied. :)

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