Friday, February 20, 2009

Facebook's "25 Random Things About Me" Craze and Its Implications

If you're a Facebook user, chances are, you've done it. The social network's "25 Random Things About me" has spread like wildfire online, with millions of people publishing the 25 random facts their friends may or may not know about them. In the spirit of friendship, this is beneficial. But if we will look at it from a different perspective, it may be a cause of concern.

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Boredom,peer pressure, popularity and a sense of obligation are just some fo the factors that have pushed people to respond to the "chain letter." Admittedly,the response was overwhelming and some members of the media even thought about it negatively. They said people has become too narcissistic.

Exposing every little detail about yourself for the world to know can be dangerous. But then, in this time and age, who can vouch that there's still privacy? And besides, a tag like that can give people a respite from their busy or (un)busy lives.

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